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I'm kind of hung up on this, I'm checking the horoscope everyday.. And I thought I was the type that did not believe on celestial bodies above. Anyway, we all need few words of encouragement every now and then. Anyone I read their horoscope exact words from the app, be like 'Woahh that felt very real or YESS that's exactly what I'm going through'.


My start of the day starts with this application. Opening the app shows different kinds of motivational quote that makes my day very interesting. Found this app very informative. A very good horoscopes app without the fluff and filler that's commonly found in other astrological sources.

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My name is Ava and I am your oracle and spiritual guide. I hope PISCES SEPTEMBER TAROT FORECAST YOU FIND YOUR UNIQUE VOICE & YOUR. Purchase Ava's BIO-SONIC TUNING FORKS Here.

Very simple to use and truly accurate daily horoscopes predictions. Information that that is spot on. It's a great astrology app. Went through all the functions there. They are amazing. Thank you for referring me the app. Colors Associated With Zodiac Signs. Want to feature your articles here? Write to us at support astrologyleap.

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Name compatibility. You may also like Reviews based on Play store.

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Anlisha Maharjan At 04 Mar, Since the beginning of I've been emotionally crumbling, I've had to deal with a heavy personal stuff, depression and so on. Anyway, it's always nice to listen to your readings. Greetings from Poland. What is the point in having another sign that is not your sun, rising, moon etc in Jupiter. I was always curious about that. Love this reading. Especially the Dork Lord I definitely take things too seriously. Love Love Love this reading!! This is mine!

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What's New. It is the outcome of all our experiences, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour on our spiritual quest. All our deeds, both good and bad will be exposed and laid bare before the Higher Powers and our Higher Self. Nothing can be hidden on Judgement Day. This is how we, in our Spirit Form, evolve. However, if we have let the unruly host body chosen for this incarnation overrule our Spirit Self and run amok, letting the ego have first say, then we may possibly have failed.

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We will always be given another chance but it may appear more challenging the next time round. The Council of Elders do not stand in Judgement over each returning Spirit. Stripped of their ego and recent physical identity, the returning Soul is in a far better position to fully absorb the consequences of all their actions.


The Returning Spirit had planted his own seeds and the Harvest is now his full responsibility too. Therefore, standing before this Council and after the Life Review , the only judgement that can be made is Self Judgement. It will be the Council who remind them of their good deeds done or their unique strengths and when the time is right, will eventually assist them in the selection a new body and a new environment in which to face their challenges once again.

In the Judgement Card we are being called by the Angel to account for our past or previous actions in life or a particular situation. What would we have to say for ourselves? The Judgement Card is all about Karma.