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What Is a Rising Sign? Everything You Need to Know

This influence is achieved through the filter of planets that are in them, the Ascendant, the Midheaven and others. In fact if you've already read your personal horoscope you already noticed that each planet is found in a sign.

Descriptions of zodiac signs according to birthday that you can find in any magazine refers actually to the zodiac sign where the Sun is at birth, so basically it's just a small part of total influence. Important and well known is also the Ascendant, which practically begins to take the place of the sun in the second half of life, influencing stronger.

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In addition they are of course the other planets. You'll find the significance of each planet in zodiac signs in your birth horoscope. Here we only briefly present the main features of the zodiac. Daily Horoscope. Compatibility Horoscope. Rising Sign. Contact Horoscope. Remember me.

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Zodiac Sign Soulmates Compatibility Part 1

Junon marriage asteroid. Since you know that you have the smarts to bounce back. One affair chases the other, in your case. You often even have several partnerships to juggle in parallel. More than formal beauty, you are sensitive to the charms of the intellect. It is by their patter or conversation, even by their writing skills that a potential partner will hold your attention more than another.

It also happens very often that this position indicates an attraction for someone very young.

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That is to say, less aged by the number of years or more so someone who has remained very young in their mind. You can be "taken" by a nice talker, cute, and with superficial skills. But you will be thrilled with an intellectual, language teacher, journalist or performer. As soon as he or she will make you laugh half the way will have already been made.

On the other hand, you are running away from partners who want to lock you in a straitjacket and are cumbersome.


Have a glance at unique compatibility meter with love, communication, sex and all over compatibility percentage. Terms and Conditions. Cancer and Libra will work well socially and form a couple that is respected and revered in the society. You can not stand suspicious, exclusive, or overly predictable partners, or any third-party comments about your love life. Libra and Cancer can work well together and form a beautiful romantic relationship through mutual understanding and admiration.

You do not have to ask yourself these kinds of questions because meetings happen anywhere. On the bus, with your next-door neighbor next to the mailboxes, walking down the street Your curiosity immediately alerts you to the people you care about and you catch the ball. More than others, places of knowledge, such as training centers, libraries, media, are an ideal meeting ground.

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With the Descendant in Gemini, relationships are easily tied but they can still meet obstacles. One of them is the risk of manipulation. If you come across someone who can pull your leg, there is a risk of falling under their thumb and not see their crippling flaws.

Instability, lack of honesty and fear of commitment are some of them. This is also true in love as in business. Sometimes the ink of a contract is not even dry and you are already sorry that you signed. Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience.


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