March 15 2020 astrology uranus retrograde

Planets in retrograde 2020

In fact, there are many survival mechanisms in our brain that show up to resist change as a way to protect ourselves, which is why sometimes we have to be proactive and push past the fear when it comes to creating positive changes in our lives. At the same time however, many of us also struggle to lead a life that feels grounded and stable and has a healthy level of routine.

Some of us are always chasing that next big thing, making us feel that we are never getting anywhere, while others feel they are stuck and stagnant in their ways and find it difficult to break out of the monotony of everyday routine.

The Influence of Planets in Astrology

No matter where you are in your own life, under this retrograde energy we are going to feel guided to build a bridge between our roots and the expansive part of ourselves that is always looking to grow, change, and break the mold of the past. How can we acknowledge and give thanks for where we have come from and all that we have been through, while still welcoming innovation and new ways of thinking?

How can we honor our past and the road we have traveled but also know that it no longer needs to define us? Whether you are looking to shake things up in your life or bring more stable energy, this retrograde is going to bring supportive change so you can feel confident and grounded no matter where the wind carries you. Change is a part of life.

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Just like seasons come and go, people come and go, jobs come and go, chapters of our lives come and go. We can remain stuck in fear and holding on to the past, or we can use our past experiences to move confidently into the future. Under this Uranus Retrograde for , we are the tree being encouraged to stretch our branches higher and wider, but first, we must dig our roots in deeper and allow ourselves to stand tall, confident, and strong, rooted in our self-worth, in self-love, and in who we really are. Uranus in Taurus Predictions for Uranus in Taurus.

Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire.

She also runs online courses and in-person retreats. Share this:. Virgo: The need for adventure, travel, or new learning has been percolating in your consciousness since last May. This retrograde is a chance for you to slow down a bit and reflect upon your need for change versus your need for security.

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In either case, your view of the word will become more logic dependent rather than emotional during this retrograde. Libra : Since last year the Uranus in Taurus ingress is inspiring you to totally transform intimacy and long-term financial needs. During the retrograde you may decide to severe relationships which do not have as much depth and loyalty as you desire.

You may also need to make or invest your money in a new way.

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Scorpio : Uranus opposing your sun triggers all sorts of pressure upon your closest relationships. You may view your significant others as being too flighty or inconsistent.

The Astrology of Year 2020

Before you make any relationship decision heed the caution of the retrograde. Sagittarius: Uranus transiting your 6 th house of health is a time to attend to self-care. Unexpected health concerns may have come up over the past year. During this retrograde reflect upon healthier choices with regards to nutrition and exercise. Also consider new ways of integrating technology into your work life. Capricorn: Uranus will be lighting up your house of creativity, children and romance.

Expect the unexpected regarding all three issues. During the retrograde reflect upon what gives you pleasure.

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You might also reconnect with a previous lover or reignite an old hobby or pastime. The retrograde inspires your inner creative muse. Aquarius: The foundation of your life will likely feel a bit shaky as Uranus transits your 4 th house of home. Thoughts of moving or remodeling may be on your radar.

As the retrograde unfolds be willing to slow down the decision making and simply reflect upon where you want to live, and, what feeds your soul. Pisces: With Uranus in Taurus the way you think is shifting; more intuitive, more inspired, more innovative. Use the retrograde period to rethink some of your goals and aspirations, applying the tool of discernment. You may also be inspired to utilize greater technology in your everyday life. Inspired to write? This retrograde will assist in the reflection process.

Uranus Retrograde Meaning & More

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The Influence of Planets in Astrology

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The friends who matter most will remain, while others will leave your world Leo: Looking for a new way to lead in the world? Respectfully submitted by Agent