Numerology number 14 date of birth

Numerology Number 14
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However, they are taking seriously the responsibilities of parenthood, and are willing to go for almost any sacrifice for the sake of family welfare and happiness of their children. People of Number 7 in most cases, have a good health - so they have a good chances to live a long lives.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to expose this health to a hazard. In particular, Number 7 must avoid the various excesses. Stress and overloading may also lead to diseases. Communication with nature is particularly good and useful for people of Number 7.

Also many of them are attracted to sports.

The Numerology meaning of the 14 birthday

And here they can become an absolute fanatics - both: players and fans. In any kind of sports there are present some elements of the dramatic spectacle.

Birthday Number 2: Creative person with great imagination

Numerology. Birthday Number Birthday Number Modesty, self-restraint and obligatoriness in everything are the crucial qualities of those, who are born. Birthday Number 14 - You are very flexible, joyful and adventure-seeking. You are very talkative and your words are your tools and weapons, as you can.

It is seriously tempting for people of Number 7 - sport is an ideal area for them to escape from the problems of life. In general, people of this Number are very reasonable. They rarely make serious mistakes in their lives. Sometimes, however, they are quite vulnerable in their love affairs, and some of them do not always get the pleasure they really deserve out of life, but just and only because many of them feel shy to "be rich, while someone is poor".

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People with the Birthday Number 7 are honest, modest, sensible, they have varied interests, good sense of humor. Therefore they usually have a lot of friends. Even in case life will touch Number 7 with it's "shadow side", yet they always are trying to do what they believe is right and necessary.

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Fortunately, they do not have any flaws in their characters that could have a negative impact on the spiritual and material condition of this people. Number 7 more often than the others is getting a chance for a stable life, full of achievements and satisfaction.

Life Path Number - Decode the Destiny in your birth date - Kari Samuels

Someone who has another type of mind may experience some difficulties in communicating with the Number They do not really understand people who are not interested in money. This is the most usual mean of communication for those born under this Number. Sexually they are a very strong people, probably because they are materialistic enough not to fly too far to the world of dreams. People of Number 14 - are "Three in One". Two Numbers are opposite to each other, and their sum is 5 - a very different character, but in fact there is no conflict here. Number 1 is a leader, fiery and ambitious, Number 4 - very intelligent, methodical, the sum of these numbers gives as sort of a mercantile character, who has one god - money.

This combination is truly unique.

This people are uniting ambition, intelligence and love for money. People born under Number 14 are very successful in material affairs, because they have the gift of being a leader, they are initiative and energetic, very intelligent, and they are able to fully devote all their energy to making money.

Numerology – Number 14, Fourteen

However, they are quite generous and sometimes even wasteful, but it is controlled by the qualities of Number 5. Under all these remarkable qualities there is a hidden pessimism, that comes from Number 4, but it is nevertheless not a dominant trait.

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The number 14 can appear as a time, a date, an address or even as part of a phone number. When 14 appears in your experience it may be a message from spirit designed to inspire you in some way. The charisma of 1 with the work ethic of the number 4 suggests the ability to achieve in the worlds of business or politics. When 14 appears it may be a message for you to go after what you want in life without a fear of what other people are going to think.

The image on the Temperance card reveals an angelic being bearing a golden goblet in each hand, pouring water from one goblet to the other, signifying a process of inner transformation. Another curious detail of this card is that the Angel of Time is standing in front of the gates to the Underworld. It is as if the Angel of Time has appeared to reassure us as we prepare to hazard the depths in our pursuit of spiritual realization. The Angel of Time on the Temperance card is pouring the water of the past into the goblet of our present day experience.

This refers to a process of integrating past attitudes and impulses into our present mental and emotional experience. This is a reconciliation of sorts, resulting in a transformational process that brings about a strong, healthy and integrated personality. This is why the number 14 is often associated with processes of cosmic debt. Therefore, people who have the number 14 in their chart should always be careful about their life choices.

The karmic challenge for people who are influenced by the number 14 may be associated with the conflicting impulses that are sure to be a part of their nature. The ability to integrate conflicting impulses and put them to the service of unity and achievement is the challenge for those who are influenced by the number